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  • Pro-water hose

    Pro-water hose

    ZYfire has found a perfect solution for industrial produced water discharge. Size: 6"-16" Jacket: 100% virgin high tenacity polyester jacket. PU Ribbed cover or smooth cover. Coupling: SS316 Victaulic coupling Application: Industrial produced water discharge. Main feature: Chemical resistance, Corrosion resistance, high & low temperature resistance

  • UL listed Nitrile hose/BS6391 type 3 fire hose

    UL listed Nitrile hose/BS6391 type 3 fire hose

    Reinforcement: Synthetic yarn Cover and Tube: Nitrile/PVC blend tube, heavy rib with higher abrasionresistance Color: Yellow, Orange, Red, Blue, Black Package: Rolled, packed in carton or loaded in pallet Application: Industrial fire fighting, Fire hoses for brigate, Water Discharge, Premium solution. Hose Standard: UL Standard length: 15m (50ft), 20m (66ft), 25m (82ft), 30m (100ft)

  • suction hose-Richflex 30

    suction hose-Richflex 30

    Features: Abrasion resistant PU tube clear visual flow cold resistant Capacity: 500,000mtr. per month Color: customized

  • TPU covered hose

    TPU covered hose

    This hose is lighter than nitrile making for easier handling, less wear and tear on deployment equipment, and more durable to varied terrain problems which gives you a lot more bang for your buck. The critical benefit of this line is that it will not elongate under pressure and therefore will not snake off its dedicated path... where you deploy it, it stays! This is due to the molecular make-up of the line. Polyurethane is a multi-bond polymer, what this means to you is a strong molecular bond that resists losing it's shape and is very abrasion resistant. You can expect an increase in diameter the first time you pressure the line up, and it will then retain this to a degree. You won't see elongation of the line to a significant degree, this solves the problem of the line moving off its laid path and "snaking". Polyurethane serves the user with more longevity, and a lot less risk of failure and collateral damage over traditional aluminium pipe.

  • suction hose- Richflex 20

    suction hose- Richflex 20

    Application: fish suction and transfer water suction and transfer for rental , construction and trash pumps Features: clear visual flow, higher transfer pressures, excellent flexibility, Vacuum up to 29" of Hg

  • suction hose-Richflex 10

    suction hose-Richflex 10

    Construction: TPR tube and sturdy clockwise TPR helix with high tensile strength polyester yarn reinforcement. Temperature: -25 °C to+ 60 °C (-13 °F to +140 F) Application: HD fish suction and transfer, HD water suction and transfer, construction and trash pumps.

  • Mill hose

    Mill hose

  • PVC lined hose

    PVC lined hose

  • Heavy-duty DJ mill discharge hose

    Heavy-duty DJ mill discharge hose

  • Municipal grade SJ mill discharge hose and assemblies

    Municipal grade SJ mill discharge hose and assemblies

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